I like shit music and porn
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i’m deleting huge chunks of stuff off my laptop and bizarrely found a BPhil thesis in my downloads belonging to a dude i slept with once.  he is v intellectually gifted but his writing is kinda crummy and BREAKING NEWS he just used moreover twice in a row and put AN EXCLAMATION MARK IN A FOOTNOTE?! :(( C’MON DUDE get ur shit 2gether 

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love @ first swipe 
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love @ first swipe 

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in the middle of august i bought a winter coat from monoprix in cannes and given how fucking cold it is today i am v happy with what i previously regarded as another of my idiotic life choices

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my amazon basket keenly awaits pay day 
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my amazon basket keenly awaits pay day 

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Anonymous asked: Thoughts on MMF threesomes?


dick x 2

feelin super hot n adored


dick x 2 

100% more likely to get cum in your eye

urinary tract infections 

awkward conversations with flatmates

..sore orifices  

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hey ask me shit im bored n wanna talk 222222222222222 uuuuuuuuu

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i want to spend the rest of my life in the mediterranean sea 

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